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Comic Con 2012 Badge Sales – A Spectator’s Point of View!

So if you were one of the tens of thousands of people this morning sitting in front of their computers with cleared browser caches and only one window open with a certain coveted email loaded up and waiting for 8am PST to hit, you were probably in the same boat as myself and Chan. I […]

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Countdown to SDCC 2012!

With the sending and receiving of some secret emails from CCI, it looks as if member registration is upon us for Comic Con 2012! Damsel Chan and I were already in talks earlier this evening and made some plans (I’m still waiting to hear back from her on the go ahead!), so we’re definitely giving […]

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Wednesday Badge Pick-Up: Chan’s Review

The only other convention I really have to compare ComicCon to is BlizzCon, and of course ComicCon is on a completely different scale size-wise.  There are some key similarities, though: lines for everything, people who sit and wait through panels to get good seats for the awesome stuff, and day before badge pick-up.  With that […]

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SDCC 2011 4-Day Badge Resales…

After D&D night last night, and with the news of badge resales coming up, two of my fiancé and I’s closest friends from Las Vegas wanted to attend.  So after many, many texts, number crunching, and general WTFness I decided to help out.  Unfortunately, Comic-Con decided to release the badges at 10am PST on a […]

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