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San Diego: North of the Airport?

As Comic-Con 2012 news becomes apparent – membership IDs, guests, masquerade, etc. – we all start to think about San Diego and its magical convention in just a few (5?) months.  The famed convention center, the plethora of hotels around it, and of course the Gaslamp District. But what else does San Diego have? In […]

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South Park – Year of the Fan Experience: Chan’s Review

South Park seems to be one of those shows that people either love or hate. Admittedly, there are some extremely crass moments in the show, but over the years it has really matured into some upscale crass. Famed episodes like “Make Love, Not Warcraft” and “Trapped in the Closet” have really brought it out into […]

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Syfy’s Café Diem: Chan’s Review

Adjacent to the Hard Rock Hotel is a cute little restaurant normally entitled Maryjane’s Coffee Shop.  But, for one week this year of ComicCon, it was transformed into Café Diem, the signature coffee shop from Syfy’s original series Eureka.  The chairs, napkins, décor, menus, and more are completely changed out for Café Diem and Syfy-themed […]

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Marked Men III Party: Chan’s Review

So picture this:  A party with pirates on pirate ships used in a little movie called Pirates of the Caribbean.  Booze, good spirits, and YAR!ring all around.  This sounds like the makings of a pretty cool venue with some pretty cool attendees, which is why my ComicCon group purchased tickets about a month before the […]

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CNET Base Station featuring GameSpot: Chan’s Review

Free food?  Free internet?  Free stuff?  Too good to be true?  Well, it wasn’t, as CNET‘s Base Station featuring GameSpot took over Lou & Mickey’s on Fifth in the Gaslamp Quarter across from the San Diego Convention Center.  While you did need a ComicCon badge to enter, there was plenty of great stuff awaiting us!  […]

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Nerdist Podcast featuring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan – Nikki’s Review

I promise that a more detailed write up will be coming from me soon, but right now (as I’m still tired and recovering from jet lag/convention lag/whatever you’d like it call it) I’m going to touch on a few of my favorite moments from San Diego Comic Con. And it shouldn’t come as much of […]

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Cirque du Soleil’s KÀ Battle San Diego: Chan’s Review

Once I heard about this free off-site event, I had to check it out.  I have been a huge fan of Cirque du Soleil for years and years – I have seen at least six or seven of their shows and my dream for a long time was to be a costume designer for a […]

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SDCC 2011 Friday/Saturday/Sunday Quick Recap

Friday we woke up a little earlier to get down to the Nintendo Gaming Lounge and picked up some Legend of Zelda shirts.  We then walked across the street to check out the South Park: Year of the Fan experience and had a wonderful time over there!  Took some great pictures, made an avatar of […]

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SDCC 2011 Wednesday/Thursday Quick Recap

Wow!  So we arrived in San Diego Wednesday afternoon and went straight to satellite to pick up badges – Town & Country Convention Center.  We got in line around 5:50pm, left with our badges about 2 hours later, then walked down the street and went shopping for a bit in Fashion Valley, rounding out our […]

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Cowboys & Aliens World Premiere at SDCC 2011!

So @CowboysAliens just posted a picture of the amazingly epic (and huge) poster going up on the Hilton: If you text “Cowboys” to 834567, the following message is texted to you: Be on the look out for Cowboys & Aliens gold bricks – get one and you could win tickets to the World Premiere at […]

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