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Already Excited for May! – The Avengers Movie

Marvel movies are abundant these days and I couldn’t be happier about it: some come out bad, some good, some AWESOME, and some you pretend you never heard about (cough cough… Wolverine: Origins).  Personally I am biting my nails over the upcoming Avengers.  Robert Downey Jr. was badass as Iron Man, and Chris Evans was […]

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Lincoln a badass… ?!? (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)

At first it is a… what??  Then it is an hmmm?  And lastly: yea let’s do this!  This is on my “to watch list.”  The graphics look good, the concept definitely twisted, and who can resist slave-freeing Lincoln? Give it a looky-loo at GeeksAreSexy.Net: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Keep in mind the movie is based […]

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Chronicle – Movie Review

First off, I have to mention the unique style this movie was shot in: starting in the first person and moving to a mix of third and first towards the climax and end.  This has been attempted before with horror movies (The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield), action movies (The Bourne Ultimatum), and many more […]

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Doctor Who’s Clues QR Scavenger Hunt @ SDCC 2011!

Doctor Who is coming into its first SDCC large and in charge with a scavenger hunt offering Who-riffic (yeah, I said it) prizes.  Check it out below straight from MESSAGE FROM BBC AMERICA: If you’re attending Comic-Con in San Diego this year, things just got more exciting! BBC America has launched their “Doctor Who’s […]

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Sassy Damsels Set Sail!

Welcome to Sassy Damsels Carrying Cameras!  We are the premiere damsels not in distress duo that will be updating HEAVILY from San Diego Comic Con 2011!  There will be news, reviews, pictures and videos, plus who knows what else! This is our first SDCC and we are so excited about it that we wanted to […]

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