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Syfy’s Café Diem: Chan’s Review

Adjacent to the Hard Rock Hotel is a cute little restaurant normally entitled Maryjane’s Coffee Shop.  But, for one week this year of ComicCon, it was transformed into Café Diem, the signature coffee shop from Syfy’s original series Eureka.  The chairs, napkins, décor, menus, and more are completely changed out for Café Diem and Syfy-themed […]

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CNET Base Station featuring GameSpot: Chan’s Review

Free food?  Free internet?  Free stuff?  Too good to be true?  Well, it wasn’t, as CNET‘s Base Station featuring GameSpot took over Lou & Mickey’s on Fifth in the Gaslamp Quarter across from the San Diego Convention Center.  While you did need a ComicCon badge to enter, there was plenty of great stuff awaiting us!  […]

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How To NOT Starve At A Convention

While this may encompass more than just SDCC, it is still good knowledge for any who like to attend conventions and do not want to waste time and/or money on eating out… Not to mention how horrible that is for your body.  You want energy to go go go, right?  Eating a huge burger and […]

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