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Marked Men III Party: Chan’s Review

So picture this:  A party with pirates on pirate ships used in a little movie called Pirates of the Caribbean.  Booze, good spirits, and YAR!ring all around.  This sounds like the makings of a pretty cool venue with some pretty cool attendees, which is why my ComicCon group purchased tickets about a month before the […]

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CNET Base Station featuring GameSpot: Chan’s Review

Free food?  Free internet?  Free stuff?  Too good to be true?  Well, it wasn’t, as CNET‘s Base Station featuring GameSpot took over Lou & Mickey’s on Fifth in the Gaslamp Quarter across from the San Diego Convention Center.  While you did need a ComicCon badge to enter, there was plenty of great stuff awaiting us!  […]

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Nerdist Podcast featuring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan – Nikki’s Review

I promise that a more detailed write up will be coming from me soon, but right now (as I’m still tired and recovering from jet lag/convention lag/whatever you’d like it call it) I’m going to touch on a few of my favorite moments from San Diego Comic Con. And it shouldn’t come as much of […]

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Cirque du Soleil’s KÀ Battle San Diego: Chan’s Review

Once I heard about this free off-site event, I had to check it out.  I have been a huge fan of Cirque du Soleil for years and years – I have seen at least six or seven of their shows and my dream for a long time was to be a costume designer for a […]

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Cowboys & Aliens World Premiere at SDCC 2011!

So @CowboysAliens just posted a picture of the amazingly epic (and huge) poster going up on the Hilton: If you text “Cowboys” to 834567, the following message is texted to you: Be on the look out for Cowboys & Aliens gold bricks – get one and you could win tickets to the World Premiere at […]

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Warner Bros. Comic-Con Booth Will Be “On Fire”

Whoa, what?  Yeah, you read it right.  Also, they are giving away a Tweety car!  Straight from ANTICIPATION REACHES FEVER PITCH: WARNER BROS. BOOTH WILL BE “ON FIRE” AT COMIC-CON 2011 “Tweet-Worthy”: Studio to Give Away Tweety Bird–Branded Car at the Booth Booth Will Feature Multiple Microsoft Tags, Providing Fans with Exclusive Content and […]

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Off-Site Event: Sweet Indulgence @ The Dragon’s Den 7/20/11

For those who get to SDCC a little early, here’s an event that sounds promising on Wednesday night!  Art show, sushi, and a place called The Dragon’s Den!  It only seems to be a couple of blocks from the convention center, and may even be more convenient for those with hotels in that area.  If […]

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