About Nikki

Since I can remember, I’ve always loved fantasy. I’d go around with spiral notebooks and colored pens so I could write down whatever story came to mind. Sometimes it went in a completely different direction than I intended it to, other times it went nowhere at all, but no matter what I always had fun doing it. Imagination was my closest friend as I grew up, and in later years I realized that using your imagination could actually become a form of art. From that point on, if I wasn’t creating then I wasn’t happy. And there’s no point in keeping yourself in a situation where you’re not happy, right? We’re all alive to feel things, and i prefer to feel the good ones.

just a fantasy girl in an impossible world

When I began to marry song lyrics with clips of my favorite television shows and video games in my head, I knew I had to take things a step further. So at age fifteen I taught myself Adobe Premiere and began editing my first music videos. It was definitely a growing process, one in which I learned a lot about myself, but one that I loved dearly. I was bringing the visions in my own head to life, on the computer screen in front of me, and that was the greatest form of expression I could find. Now, I’ve shifted from PC to Mac and work exclusively in Final Cut Pro.

I spend my free time writing stories with my friends and editing music videos on my laptop. It’s not just a form of expression for me, it’s a way to bring a part of my imagination to life, to show to others who share the same interests. And it has to be one of the greatest feelings I know, to finish up a project and watch it play across the screen.

Now, my goal is to make that love into a career path. With the help of my mentor in my final years of college, I realized that the dream could become a reality, and it’s one I’m working towards every day. I graduated college with a degree in Communications and a focus in Media Production, and now I’m working away at an office job to get closer to my dream. When I’m not at work or editing video, you can find me reading, playing a bit of World of Warcraft, or visiting my friends in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

I also love to cosplay, though I don’t compete because I don’t sew at all. I love finding pieces to put outfits together. My favorite character to costume as is Amy Pond, from the fifth and sixth seasons of Doctor Who, so that’s who you’ll see me as most often. Chan says that I moonlight as Amy Pond, and when she does say that it makes me smile. I just do it for fun, nothing more and nothing less.

And that’s a little about me.

Thanks for stopping by!

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