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Person of Interest is worth the interest (TV)

A realistic, modern day Batman – there I said it – John Reese is Batman (Jim Caviezle known for The Passion) and a damn good Batman he makes. This could be partly contributed to his sexy voice or the fact that Jonathan Nolan is the creator (known for The Dark Knight). To top the cake, […]

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The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – Animation Review

A collection of heroes from Marvel Comics universe joined to protect the earth from the forces of evil, a pretty universal theme for superheroes worldwide. In this rendition they take from Avengers comics, from all time lines, and anthologies. At first I was reluctant, especially given it was under the wing of Disney, but all […]

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Alcatraz (TV): Chan’s Review

Another widely anticipated show that was mentioned at SDCC 2011 and FINALLY came to our TVs in 2012 was Alcatraz, starring Jorge Garcia (LOST), Sarah Jones (Sons of Anarchy), and Sam Neill (Jurassic Park, The Hunt for Red October).  The premise of the show centers around the last of the prisoners of Alcatraz and how […]

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Terra Nova (TV): Chan’s Review

Amongst all the other shows I have on my list to catch up with, Terra Nova came next in line.  Since seeing the trailer before SDCC, my interest was piqued.  Slap some dinosaurs and Speilberg’s name on it and call me captivated.  Unfortunately I did not get to go to the panel or showing during […]

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American Horror Story (TV): Chan’s Review

With the season finale wrapping up and a brand new story with brand new characters being announced the day after for next season, American Horror Story certainly has quite the hold into many Americans’ Wednesday nights – myself included. While I did not watch the first few shows as they aired, I did get to […]

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Revenge: Hot or Cold? Nikki’s Take on the Fall 2011 Show.

Ever since my beloved House M.D. took a rather downward turn and one of its talented actresses left the cast (Lisa Edelstein, it won’t be the same without you), I’ve been very skeptical about investing myself in any kind of new program. There have been some promising things in previews (I’m looking at you Terra […]

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