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Kick-Ass 2: Chan’s Movie Review

Let me preface this by saying the last time I saw Kick-Ass was when it was in theaters… which was in April 2010.  I wasn’t 100% on all the details (read: maybe ~5%) but I did remember I enjoyed it greatly, so I wanted to see Kick-Ass 2. The way this movie starts off makes […]

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Thor’s Day (aka Nikki catches up on superhero movies)

I know, I know – fans across the Internet are saying Nikki, Thor’s Day is Thursday! and believe me, I’m well aware. But today was when I decided to sit down with my very first Redbox movie rental and continue catching up on my superheroes. I’ll be joining the masses and seeing the Avengers in the coming […]

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Resident Evil: After Life

Yes the movies are tacky, yes there are plot holes the size of moons, and yes some stuff doesn’t make a whole lot of sense BUT it’s still resident evil and that means zombies. The latest edition of the series After Life is mostly an action thriller more than a horror but it is also […]

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Person of Interest is worth the interest (TV)

A realistic, modern day Batman – there I said it – John Reese is Batman (Jim Caviezle known for The Passion) and a damn good Batman he makes. This could be partly contributed to his sexy voice or the fact that Jonathan Nolan is the creator (known for The Dark Knight). To top the cake, […]

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The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – Animation Review

A collection of heroes from Marvel Comics universe joined to protect the earth from the forces of evil, a pretty universal theme for superheroes worldwide. In this rendition they take from Avengers comics, from all time lines, and anthologies. At first I was reluctant, especially given it was under the wing of Disney, but all […]

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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance … why did I fall for it?

The first Ghost Rider was subpar at best, but I figured why not give it a second chance, after all it’s by different writers and different directors. This was a mistake. There was no continuity; it felt like fast forward, rewinding, then stopping randomly and watching a scene, rinse and repeat.  The monologs to explain […]

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