Etsy Shop Review – CherryPieVintage

Hi, everyone! I’ve had another excellent experience with an online purchase, so I’m wasting no time in sharing it with the rest of you.

I’ve started frequenting Etsy for my costume and accessory needs. I have no trouble finding something interesting there, but what really gets my attention is how personal the experience can be for the buyer. Etsy brings out businesses who are most often smaller, and so the owners are very open to communication with their buyers. Everything is handmade in some way, and you find yourself with a one of a kind piece. I love that about the community!

For Dragon Con this year, I’m trying to bring as many of my dream costumes to life. This doesn’t involve my sewing because I’m all thumbs and I have a tremor in my hands that, while it’s slight, makes it very difficult to sew a straight line. So I simply take enjoyment in dressing as my beloved characters and am always sure to promote and praise those who make the costumes I wear. It takes a lot of talent to bring these things to light!

This year, I want to wear Jem from Jem and the Holograms to Dragon Con. Jem is one of those incredibly beloved shows from my childhood that I still love just as much as the first time I saw it. When my sister and I first rented the Truly Outrageous VHS tape from Blockbuster (see how far back I’m dating myself here?), I fell in love with Jem’s bright pink dress, equally pink hair, and strong personality. Now that I’m older and in the convention setting, I can recognize the opportunity to have even more fun with this beloved character!

I did an Etsy search for shops offering Jem costumes and came across Cherry Pie Vintage. There were excellent feedback scores for the shop as well as a perfect costume selection to fit my needs. I sent a private message to the shop and asked for the costume I’d need to make this vision come true. By now, readers, you should all know that I’m a bigger girl in terms of size, so if I ever am asking for a commission I make sure to tell the sellers up front that I’m on the fluffier side, just in case that presents any kind of problem for them. I’ve found it to make for a much easier experience, and I haven’t run into any trouble yet!

I got a message back from Jill immediately, and she told me I’d have no trouble getting my Jem dress and belt in time for Dragon Con. I sent her my measurements, and she got right to work. Yesterday, I received my dress and belt in the mail!

Cherry Pie Vintage did an incredible job bringing Jem to life! What caught my attention in the most positive way (aside from the incredibly fast, courteous communication from Jill herself!) was the attention to my body shape. Jill has designed a version of the Jem costume for a plus sized body type. It doesn’t cling to me like a second skin, instead it allows some flare so I’m not wrapped up tightly, and it does help to conceal those areas I might not want showcased so prominently to the world. The material is a perfect fit to Jem’s color, and the belt looks like it stepped right out of the television show itself. I was so happily surprised when I opened the package that I couldn’t believe it!

Cherry Pie Vintage offers more than Jem outfits, including several in the spirit of Marilyn Monroe and a wide array of vintage style dresses that will make anyone smile. Jill is fantastic to work with, and she replies so quickly and personally to any inquiries or questions that I feel as if I’ve made a new friend in the process! I’m definitely bookmarking this shop for future adventures and purchases.

Jill, thank you so much! You’ve helped make me feel Truly Outrageous (hee!) in this costume!

No photos yet because I’m still working on some other parts of the costume – a wig, shoes, tights, etc. – but they’ll be coming soon, I promise!

Until next time,

Damsel Nikki


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