Website Shop Review – The Five Wits

Hello, readers!

My fellow Damsel and I are still both in the SDCC recovery process, torn between unpacking from this year and making plans for next year, but that means we’re definitely in the mindset to be posting more frequently. Here’s hoping that between the two of us, we’ll be able to bring you some great new content!

I have one more major convention in my 2013 season ahead, which is Dragon Con over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA. Whereas Comic Con is hectic and fast paced, Dragon Con has proven to be (at least, for me) more relaxed. I’m planning several new costumes for the event, so I’m already in the stages of preparing. (For now most of my costume plans are being kept secret so I can debut them at the con, so please forgive my secrecy in this post!)

Cosplayers know that more often than not, a wig can be a great addition to a costume. I resisted them for years, but then realized the error of my ways – and just how fun they can be! Finding the right wig can be a challenge, and so I’m used to long online searches and several failed attempts before finding what I need. What I want to do here is share one of my finds for online wig purchases that is, by my standards, absolutely wonderful.

I found The Five Wits through some friends on Facebook and other social sites and was immediately impressed. Shopping for wigs can be time consuming – there’s lots of searching for the right style in the right color and some sites aren’t exactly user friendly – but this one has an excellent setup. The Five Wits caters to the cosplayer/costumer and goes as far as to use the names of well known characters that the wig could be used for in descriptions and wig names. It makes searching so much easier! There are multiple photos for reference available of the wig on a person (not a mannequin, a real person!) and in natural lighting to show the color. It really helps the consumer to know exactly what they’re getting. Add in the fact that prices are reasonable, and it really makes the site that much more friendly.

Something that really stood out to me was how interactive the shop owners are with their customers and potential customers. Ruth and friends, as they call themselves,  are charming, funny and completely on top of what goes on over their website. They go as far as to have social networking sites – Twitter and Facebook to be more specific – to update their customers on the status of stock items. If a particular wig is out of stock, they update on the social networks to let people know when it’s back. I’ve never seen a shop that on top of the needs of their customers!

I’ve purchased from the Five Wits recently, recommended them to several friends, and have their site bookmarked for future reference. I definitely recommend checking these ladies out, either online or at one of the convention events they travel to. If you’re in need of a wig, come and pay them a visit. You won’t be disappointed!

I’ll be working on some more reviews in the near future.

Until next time!

Damsel Nikki


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