Back in Action!

Hope everyone had a fabulous winter and all of you that endured badge sales last weekend – I salute you!  I was actually in there trying to get one for a first-timer and ended up luckless.  On the bright side, I hear many people from the August registration upgraded their badges during regular registration, so this may mean a decent amount of 4-day single tickets available come badge resale come May/June!

In other news, coming up next in the pre-SDCC StressFest is hotel registration on Tuesday, February 26th at 9:00am PST !  After a badge, this is the next most important part to your SDCC experience.  Why?  Because after an 8-hour day of trekking a convention floor, waiting in line, hauling around awesome loot, you REALLY don’t want to trek a mile uphill to your hotel.

As they say: Location, location, location.

From our past two stays at SDCC, we were very lucky and stayed at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina.  Yes, this is the hotel adjacent to the convention center.  We loved it, but we are actually going to try something new this year so we can review that for all you fine folks on the interwebs.  =)

The particular group of people we attend SDCC are very like-minded as well as financially sound, so this really gives us wiggle room if we want to be as close as possible.  Hotel rooms aren’t cheap as we all know, and piling 20 people into a double room is no one’s idea of a good time.  Or maybe it is.  I dunno, but it’s not ours!

With all that banter, we are definitely back in the hot seat again for SDCC 2013!  Third time’s a charm, right?!  Expect LOTS of suggested products to buy, tips and tricks, places to go, and all sorts of fun (and probably a little feminine) tidbits to make your SDCC experience top notch.


Damsel Chan

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