SDCC2013: It’s August 4, 2012 and you already have me in a line.

I feel like I’m waiting for a Twilight panel.  Seriously.

Now that we’ve finished up in line and the confirmation emails are trickling in, I can say that this was stressful.  I had the world clock up and was not able to get in for a good 2 minutes, which gave me a poor spot in line… No preview night for us.  Sigh.

Not sure what could have happened to the site aside from nerd overload, but it was smooth — up until the point where I purchased one 4-day and the next one said “unavailable.”  I shouted at my computer.  >.>  Then, I quickly clicked the boxes for the four individual days and problem was thus solved.

We managed to acquire 6 between the two of us, and for all four days.  So, whether you love it or hate it, it really is luck of the draw… and nerd determination.

Some tips for future registrants:

HAVE A BUDDY!  This will increase your chances!
* Keep ONLY what you need open on your computer. Pretty much just your browser.
* Turn the WiFi off on all your other devices (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) to optimize your internet connection.
* Keep ALL tabs in your browser closed EXCEPT what you need.  i.e., email & the link.
* If you have a world clock, use it.  This will give you a second-by-second update as to when to click that magical Refresh button.
* If it doesn’t load, try again.  Don’t be afraid to click reload as soon as your browser tells you it cannot load!  So keep your mouse hovered and eyes focused – this can literally be the difference between a badge and no badge at all.
* Once in the waiting room, keep an eye on Twitter.  This is the best way to have up-to-the-second news on what is available and what is not, your odds at where you’re at in line, etc.

And if all else fails… There is always regular badge sale and badge resale.  If that still doesn’t work out, there’s always another year!

See you in 11 months!


Damsel Chan


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