The Amazing Spider-Man: Chan’s Movie Review

I was lucky enough to snag private screening tickets to this movie tonight, and I am glad for every single minute I waited in line to see it.

The Amazing Spider-Man is an attempt to rejuvenate the franchise while also using a different universe in order to capture an alternate view of Spider-Man.  The main love interest is Gwen Stacy, and the main foe is The Lizard.  It’s very similar to the basic Spider-Man premise: outcast boy gets bit by spider, outcast boy becomes Spider-Man, outcast boy saves people and fights evil.  Yet this movie takes that basic concept and drives it to another level.

First off, Andrew Garfield personifies Peter Parker/Spider-Man exquisitely.  I personally do not think a finer actor could have been chosen.  From his natural body movements, expressions, and delivery – every single moment you are sold and sold well on him.  His boyish charm, the small smirks, the intensity of his eyes even adds depth and layers to the complex character of Parker.

Gwen (Stone) and Peter (Garfield)

Moreover, Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) and Garfield have undeniable acting chemistry.  While there is certainly the romantic overtone to the movie, it is not a focal point by any means – it provides character development and paces the movie well.

One of the best features of this movie was the way they developed each character and show his or her individual impact on all other characters involved.  It was intense without being forced, conveyed some of the best human emotion to the audience I’ve seen in quite some time, and fuses every other great quality into one high-action, in-depth movie that manages to keep you focused and near-breathless every moment.  Dare I say it – this trumps The Avengers.  The quality of the story, the acting, the cinematography, even the background music was woven together purposefully and without waste.

In comparison to the previous Spider-Man movies, I don’t even think it’s fair.  They are two different Spider-Man universes, yes, but the world replicated through this newest installment in the Marvel movie universe is some of the best to date.  Peter Parker/Spider-Man is a snarky, intelligent, and troubled kid who has just enough edge to him to still endear him to you and always be on his team.  I seriously walked out of the theater and wanted to walk right back in, sit back down, and watch it all over again.

Also 3 great words that can sum up this movie?  LIZARD DOING SCIENCE.

Chan’s Rating: 10 out of 10 – MUST SEE!

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