SDCC Prep, Again!

I don’t know when SDCC became so close, but suddenly I checked the calendar and it was right around the corner! We’re at 10 days until the big show now, and the schedules are starting to come out a bit at a time. Everything through Saturday has been released, and I’m working on setting up the MySched app on my iPhone so I can follow along with what I’d like to do.

This year, I think I’ll do things differently. Less panels, less structure, more flying around and doing whatever it is that I want. I’ll be with (at the least!) four of my closest friends for all the antics we can handle in one day before sleeping and moving on to the next. My best friend is coming in for her first SDCC as well as her first convention of any kind! I’ve promised her I will pick her up at the airport and get her to the hotel so we can begin our adventures. Don’t worry, Kate, I will be there!

I’m also going to make sure to do three things this year that I didn’t do at last year’s SDCC:

1. Get a semi-decent amount of sleep.

2. Eat decent meals.

3. Take some down time to breathe.

I know, they sound like simple things and maybe insignificant, but last year I didn’t quite do those and I ended up feeling pretty crummy by Sunday morning. Let’s face it, when you’re feeling so sick that you don’t recognize Mark Sheppard himself when he walks up to your car and has a chat with you and your friends (no, I’m not kidding), you might have done something wrong. So in the interest of not repeating that again, I’m planning to take a bit better care of myself this time! Lots of water, food other than concession stand hot dogs, and some walks outside of the convention center to remind myself there is a world out there aside from the exhibit hall.

Ready for year two!

Damsel Nikki


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