SDCC: 10 days and oh-so-counting

As my Damsel counterpart has pointed out, SDCC is coming and coming fast.  It’s like a rhino with a jetpack.  Seriously.

I’ve already squeed, already raged, and already figuring out how to juggle everything that is happening at the convention.  As similar to last year, I will probably stave off panels in lieu of the con floor with its freebies and special events, off-site events, and lots of energy drinks!  I mean, unless there is a Hunger Games panel.  WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY NOT THURSDAY, FRIDAY OR SATURDAY.

Ahem. Anyway.  Let’s talk con!  Here’s a do’s and don’ts list that should be abided by — and I’m sure your fellow con-goers can agree.

Do shower daily, or even twice a day.  Showering makes your friends happy, your fellow con-goers happy, and even gives you the potential to pick up someone.

Don’t leave your manners at home!  Say excuse me, thank you, I’m sorry.  Hold doors open.  Don’t take 20 of something if you only need 2.  We’re all here to have fun, not to be greedy barbarians.

Do hydrate.  Every chance you get.  I don’t care if you have to pee a lot – you will be able to function for so much longer with H2O flowing through those nerdilicious veins.

Don’t forget to charge your cell phones and digital cameras before you leave your room — and any other device you tote with you to the con.  I even recommend packing your charger just in case.

Do make friends!  If you’re in line at a panel or for a signing, why not pass the time and chat up your neighbor?  You have at least one thing in common.  =)

Don’t dismiss the off-site events!  Sometimes these can be just as fun – even more!  Examples: Zombie party, Dethklok concert, San Diego Gaslamp District in general!

My goal this week is to post every day before SDCC, so keep on the lookout!  And of course, come take photos with us at the convention – you might get something special for doing so.  =)

Anything to add to the list?  Feel free to comment!


Damsel Chan

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