Travel preprations; where to find the best fare?

Hello, you lot! I’m hopping in to post because Damsel Chan is presently out in the beautiful land of Hawaii with the love of her life (I’m only marginally jealous), and I don’t want to let the blog gather any kind of dust. While Chan is jetsetting, I’m handling business as usual. This week, the big event was booking my SDCC airfare for myself and two of my closest friends! Was it exciting? Absolutely. Was it expensive? Oh, you bet.

There’s really no right or wrong way to book airfare when it comes down to it. Typically, I’ll search my beloved United Airlines before going anywhere else because I was always a huge Continental flyer and the merger isn’t about to change that. United turned out to be the perfect choice for myself and Chris this go around for SDCC. With Houston being a hub for Continental and United, most flights out of Dallas have a connection in the city. So with that in mind, Chris will fly into Houston for the first leg of his trip and we will be on the same flight from Houston to San Diego. For those of you who don’t know us, that translates into three and a half hours of joke-cracking, mimosa-drinking, playing of Angry Birds. I feel pity for whoever is occupying the window seat in the row with us. Regardless, it was a pretty painless process on the searching end. Cost-wise, the total came to over $400 each. High in price? Sure, but keep in mind the San Diego airport isn’t as big as others. So when flying into smaller airports, you can expect a hop upwards in price. In our case, the cost was worth it so we could be together both to and from San Diego. 

For my best friend, Kate, finding a flight became a little more difficult and resulted in my getting creative. Kate lives in a smaller town over in the middle of the country, so that means she’d be flying from a small airport into a small airport with at least one connecting flight each way. (Believe me, I tried to find a way around that for her, but there was no luck.) Lucky for me she’s a trooper and doesn’t mind the up and down (me, I’m spoiled – I take off once and land once, thank you very much), so I continued my search for her. 

And admittedly, for a little while I was concerned. I couldn’t find her a flight under $550, with the ideal one timing-wise being $600 (we both cringed). I had also exhausted every major airline’s direct website that I could think of and had moved onto Orbitz, Hotwire, and a couple of others, again without much luck. 

But then, my luck changed. On a whim, I decided to consult the traveling gnome and popped over to Travelocity. To both of our surprise, I found a nearly perfect flight at the cool price of $386. (Yes, round trip – I was worried about the same thing!) So after we had our share of fits and flails, we of course hurried along to book the ticket. Now Kate is all booked and ready to go – and at a better price than we could have dreamed!

Moral of the story? Don’t write off major airline sites, but don’t rule out the travel sites either. One way or another, if you’re willing to look – you’ll find just what you’re looking for!

Until next time,

Damsel Nikki


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