Thor’s Day (aka Nikki catches up on superhero movies)

I know, I know – fans across the Internet are saying Nikki, Thor’s Day is Thursday! and believe me, I’m well aware. But today was when I decided to sit down with my very first Redbox movie rental and continue catching up on my superheroes. I’ll be joining the masses and seeing the Avengers in the coming weeks, so I figured it made sense to become more than casually acquainted with the characters that would be the major players. A couple of weeks ago my friend Chris took care of crossing the Incredible Hulk off my list, and since I’d already seen both Iron Man chapters, Thor was the next one to take on.

Going into the movie, I didn’t really have any expectations in place or any knowledge of the Thor legends, other than the God of Thunder piece so there were lots of surprises in store for me. Through L.J. Smith’s Forbidden Game trilogy (if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend!) I became acquainted with the nine worlds, so Asgard wasn’t a foreign concept to me. But this was the first movie where I had seen any of those worlds come to life. Asgard was incredibly beautiful, something both ancient and futuristic at the same time, with rich and vibrant colors and the depiction of unimaginable wealth. There was a new age feeling as well as something regal and magical, and the marriage of science and the unknown powers was beautiful. I’ve always had a soft spot for magic, especially in films with good versus evil.

An arrogant hero, sibling rivalry between the rightful heir to the throne and his (unknowingly) adopted brother, nine strikingly different worlds bound together by a magical bridge, combined with warriors and magic? Thor was about as epic a film as those traits would suggest it to be. Sure, anyone can argue that special effects are overused lately in movies, but filmmakers can’t please everyone. And from my perspective, things were used in just the right balance. Thor’s strength had to be shown as superhuman, because that’s exactly what he was. A little destruction of the mortal world would be expected, right?

I’m not sure how faithful to the comics or legends the movie was, but I honestly enjoyed it. I liked the drastic changes from Asgard to Earth, the way conflict crossed between two worlds, and how Thor and Jane came to develop feelings for one another. It reminded me (don’t laugh too hard now) of Beauty and the Beast, with the spirited woman who changes a man’s outlook on life entirely and makes him into a better person. I’m also a big fan of actually giving characters time to fall for one another before anything too physical happens, and as bittersweet as the film’s ending was, I think it did justice to the story. There was no easy way the bridge between the worlds could just be repaired in twenty minutes’ time, and if there would be any reunion between Thor and Jane it would deserve far more than a quick ending to a film.

So what did I think? I really enjoyed the movie. I now know another part of what to expect in the Avengers, and I have a new appreciation for Thor. Do I want to see him reunited with Jane? Absolutely. But if I don’t get that in the Avengers, then I’ll just have to wait for the spoken of sequel.

Until next time,

Damsel Nikki


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