Blog post from the road!

Hi! Damsel Nikki here, coming to you via the gorgeous new iPad (have I mentioned how much I love this thing?) and the fold down tray table on my Southwest flight home. There was a little hiccup with my traveling home (I was traveling for business and absolutely not for pleasure) and my initial flight home was cancelled. The silver lining is that the flight I got stand by on will get me home two hours earlier than the previous one. I am rather pleased about that.

But what pleased me more? Well, the gentleman sitting to my right (yes, I’m in a middle seat, no one’s favorite thing but I’m just glad to be flying!) pulled out his laptop and connected to some WiFi. I goggled for a few seconds, then tried the same. A few moments and five dollars later, I am blogging to you from several thousand feet in the air! It really is the little things.

For my fellow SDCC attendees, that may be something to keep in mind while making your travel arrangements. If you’re coming from further away, some in flight WiFi might be the way to pass the time! I don’t know if Hulu will allow you to stream the most recent episodes of whatever you’ve missed on television, but it’s worth a shot, right?

So with that in mind, I will spend this flight working on other flight arrangements for SDCC! I have
to work out flights for myself and two of my traveling companions, and that will be a good use of my time.

Either that, or two hours of Angry Birds.


Until next time!
Damsel Nikki



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