San Diego Comic Con – Hotel Scramble! (Nikki’s POV)

I’ve found myself with a little time to kill here at Anime Matsuri while waiting for my friends to perform in the cosplay competition (break a leg, loves!) so it seemed like a good time for a blog post. The final major piece of our SDCC 2012 trip has been taken care of over the course of the past week and all that is left now is to handle the actual travel accommodations. Believe it or not, the actual airfare is a minute detail for the entire trip. Once you have your registration and hotel room, the rest of San Diego Comic Con will fall nicely into place. Damsel Chan was the lucky one who secured our tickets, and so as fate would have it I was the one who got lucky and caught the hotel reservation we wanted.

If you’re new to SDCC reservations, keep in mind it’s nowhere near as simple as calling and/or registering with a hotel online to get a room. The convention travel planners take care of booking up pretty much every hotel room in the downtown area, and then at one precious time on one precious day, we are able to access the travel planner website and request our desired hotel. And attendees don’t always get what they want.

I was able to harness the power of the Verizon LTE network and use my iPad to get into the site (Verizon, you are forever my hero for enabling this to happen) without much trouble. I didn’t fill in all twenty request spaces for a hotel because I got worried about time, so I settled for putting in four instead. Because of the wonderful experience we had last year, both with the location and the hotel itself, we went for a room at the Marriott Marquis and Marina once more – let’s face it, can you get any better than adjacent to the convention center? So I popped in my request for a quad room and submitted it exactly four minutes after the form had gone live. Then the waiting game began.

When the conformation emails began to arrive, I was surprised at the reaction by the attendees. I was following the Twitter hash tag of #sdcc very closely, and a lot of people complained they didn’t receive any of their requested hotels, finding themselves booked in Mission Valley or someplace closer to Sea World than the convention itself. I’m not terribly familiar with the San Diego area but based on the tone of the tweets, I’m guessing that’s pretty far out. These people were also claiming to have their reservations in by the same time I did, so needless to say I was feeling a little on the nervous side. But the was nothing to do but wait, and so wait I did.

It turns out the worrying was for nothing, for I was one of the lucky ones who got – wait for it! – her first choice hotel! So I will be sitting pretty at the Marriott without a care in the world as far as traveling to and from the convention center. Last year my Doctor (aka my friend who costumes the Doctor to me as Amy Pond for those not in the know!) and I were so grateful for the nearness for sheer convenience more than anything else. There’s no trolley or bus to worry about, you are only as slow as your own feet want to carry you. No hassle at all. Sure you pay more, but the convenience is in the price, and I think it’s more than worth it.

So our trip is solidified! Now for airfare.

And as a side note, I have written this blog post entirely from the iPad. It’s not terrible to type on a touch screen, but I’ve missed my wireless keyboard something fierce. I will be remembering that for the next time.

Until then,
Damsel Nikki


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