Resident Evil: After Life

Yes the movies are tacky, yes there are plot holes the size of moons, and yes some stuff doesn’t make a whole lot of sense BUT it’s still resident evil and that means zombies. The latest edition of the series After Life is mostly an action thriller more than a horror but it is also the most true to the video games. I don’t mean it follows any of the games plots or in many cases even character outlines, but the whole movie in general has the closest feel to the video games. Taking from the video games this installment has a complex array of zombies from your typical slow movers, fast runners, smarter than average, and boss zombies, it has em all. Umbrella is still a strangely self mutilating company that is striving for world domination… or was it global annihilation… maybe world peace through zombification… anyway, Wesker (Shawn Roberts )who is apparently the leader of Umbrella corp. is a direct adaption from the video games especially Resident Evil 5, sunglasses and all, and pulls off a decent hate-able badass. Alice (Milla Jovovich: 5th Element) is still the heroine, who refuses to give up against seemingly unbeatable odds. Clare (Ali Larter: Heroes) rejoins the picture still kicking faces and backing up Alice. Chris (Wentworth Miller: Prison Break) Clare’s brother is a handy addition able to hold his own vs. the forces of evil. My favorite character Luther (Boris Kodjoe: Surrogates) is a basketball super star who is not only a gentleman in this post apocalyptic world but a quite useful gunman.

Image thanks to Screen Gems, Constantine Films, and Davis Impact.

The movie starts out with the hundreds of Alice’s from the cloning facility from Resident Evil: Extinction attacking an Umbrella underground (is there any other kind?) science facility. Here she sacrifices herself unnecessarily displaying a wide array of really cool super agility and telekinetic powers while simultaneously displaying possibly the worse strategic planning between hundreds of minds yet. Eventually climaxing the opening scene with a huge, what appears to be near nuclear explosion and our original Alice being de-powered with an injection from Wesker.  How she survives the crash of a helicopter into a mountain I have no idea… A now human Alice goes on a quest to find Arcadia, a safe haven from the infection, and the location her friends from the previous films fled to.  Obviously Arcadia is not what was advertised, only finding a single refuge: Clare and no answers due to a devise attached to Clare’s chest that caused memory loss. Continuing down the west coast she locates a locked down prison with survivors and lands to join them.  After introductions and some character development we get back to the action, zombies (yay) attack the prison from multiple points of entry, a better strategy then Alice’s bombardment of Umbrella Corp. I might add. As the panic erupts we have betrayers and death spreading. The survivors split into groups and collect supplies and prepare a means of exiting the facility.  Alice and Chris collect weapons from an underwater proportion of the prison, which I was hoping would lead to a scene much like that from Alien Resurrection, I was sadly disappointed.  However the armory is quite extensive and they are able to load up… where all of this extremely useful gear eventually ends up  I have NO IDEA, with the exception of the explosives they collected: Alice used that to escape a roof full of speed zombies.  Then my favorite part of the whole film the shower block fight scene with axe man or as I like to call him Mr. Hammer Axe. Taken directly from the video games this guy provided me with a very refreshing fight, it takes place in the showers and after a few collusions with the pipes the stage is set, “rain” pouring down on our two heroines Alice and Clare. I really loved this fight scene; I bought the movie just so I could watch this part several times over. You do need to ignore the fact that these two girls are doing amazing feats despite the fact they are suppose to be vanilla humans (meaning no super abilities of any kind). After the fight we head down to the sewers where Luther and Chris wait, upon exiting the very nasty flesh covered sewers Luther gets trapped and the group has no choice but to assume dead. What’s left of our group heads to Arcadia (yes, now it is a giant ship) how they got the power boat to reach the ship I have no idea. Here they find thousands of survivors in stasis being kept by Umbrella to experiment on. Alice follows a blood trail, which stops suddenly, why… I have no idea, which leads her to Wesker and some dope infected zombie dogs, also directly from the video games.  The final show down commences and Alice performs more superhuman feats as do the guns with unlimited bullets. Chris, Clare, and Alice combined take out the pups and Wesker… or so they thought.  Wesker escapes on a helicopter that Alice planted the same super nova bomb on from the opening scene.  How Alice knew which helicopter out of the dozens Wesker would take … I have no idea, and how the bomb didn’t take out everything within a 50 mile radius like the first one… I have no idea.  Now Alice, Chris, and Clare are left with a lot of people to take care of how they plan to do this … I have no idea.  Oh!! Here you also learn that Luther is alive and still fighting which I have to say makes his character defiantly feel like a video game adaption (Barry kept showing up and helping out).

If you stay a few minutes after rolling credits you get to see a sneak peak at Resident Evil: Retribution where Jill Valentine is back (didn’t she die in the second film?) controlled by Umbrella and about to attack a vessel with thousands of civilians in a POST APOCALYPTIC world.  Seriously how does umbrella not run out of uninfected minions…?

Like I said TONS of plot holes, but none the less a fun action flick with ZOMBIES, lots of different fun zombies. Again I

think this follows the video game feel the closest with boss fights, gun changes, character team fights, coup de graces, character break offs and rejoining, Wesker dialog, zombie types, and even the down time has the feel of a Resident Evil video game.

None the less I look forward to the ever improving series (minus the Las Vegas Fiasco) . Resident Evil: RETRIBUTION September 14, 2012!!

Image thanks to Screen Gems, Constantine Films, and Davis Impact.


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