Stereotypes in the Comic/Game/Etc. Community

While waiting on the results of the hotel scramble for this year’s San Diego Comic Con (hopefully any minute now, right?) I’ve been taking it easy and planning out the trip as best I can. This year I’m fortunate enough to have more loved ones coming with me – one being my best friend for her very first convention experience of any kind! – so it’s safe to say there’s going to be a lot of luggage in our four-person hotel room. But that’s par for the course – we’re all adults, and everyone knows how to take care of their own business and belongings.

Sometimes at conventions and gatherings in the past, I’ve slept in rooms where there have been as many as eight people calling that particular place home for the weekend. Was it crowded? Sure, of course it was. A huge mess? No, not always (there are always exceptions to the rule and other things of the like), but you’re looking at a considerable amount of belongings in a place not meant to accommodate that volume. So it will go without saying that things can get a bit snug rather quickly.

But here’s what I’ve learned – those kinds of situations aren’t always bad. I’ve had my share of headaches because of tripping over three pairs of shoes in the middle of the night or getting someone else’s makeup on my hands when I go to wash my face at the bathroom sink. But I can safely say that every time I’ve entered into a less than ideal situation at a convention in the interest of saving a few (sometimes a few hundred) dollars here or there, I’ve come out with some great stories – and even better, some great friends. Getting out of my comfort zone isn’t always a bad thing, and I do try to convince myself to do it more often.

So if you’re going to San DIego Comic Con, keep this in mind – not all ‘nerds’ are created equal. The stereotypes of poor hygiene, a flair for the dramatic, and horrible manners aren’t true, and in fact those assumptions can be really hurtful. The acquaintance of a friend who is looking for a place to stay and ends up in your room might end up being a good friend. Or the person you strike up a casual conversation with might end up being one of those people you include in your plans the following year. There’s just no telling what can happen, so be open to a new experience. You might be in for a pleasant surprise.

Until next time,
Damsel Nikki


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