The New iPad, aka Damsel Nikki’s new shiny thing.

While in transit to AllCon 2012 (a post on that event will be forthcoming) I decided to take on the crowds at Best Buy and scoop up one of the new iPads. (Don’t call it the iPad 3 now, that isn’t its name!) I’ve been an iPad user since the first generation one hit the shelves, and while I became completely codependent on the sleek device, this upgrade was too good a chance to pass up. So as I was on the road, I used Siri to look up the closest Best Buy to my destination and swung out into the parking lot to make this happen.

No, I didn’t have to wait in a line that was miles or hours long. I just walked right on in, talked to the first sales associate who came up to me, and within five minutes he had my brand new iPad in its cellophane encased box for me.

Talking in technical terms might confuse some people, so I’ll be very direct – the new iPad has a HD display that is sharper and more defined than the HD television we have upstairs at home. I did opt to put one of the screen protectors over it to keep from scratches and things, but it hasn’t stopped the display in any way from being bright and sharp. When I began to use my first generation iPad for reading more often, I found that I would experience headaches if I read for more than a half hour at a time. There’s no issue here with the new iPad. I’m comparing it in my mind from switching from an older glass monitor to a flat screen LCD or LED. The text is much clearer, and the page display on the Kindle and Nook apps is worlds better. Now that Damsel Chan has pulled me into reading the Hunger Games (I’m almost through the second book), I’m grateful for being able to read without a strain on my eyes.

A huge plus to the new iPad and the new OS updates would have to be the iWork apps, especially iPhoto. I didn’t think I would be able to haul up Pages or Numbers on iPad and tap away at my family’s Disney World 2012 schedule, but now magically I can. And it makes everything a lot more convenient. My first accessory purchase (after the obligatory case and screen protector, of course) was an Apple wireless keyboard that easily paired with the new iPad. Now I’ll be able to blog to my heart’s content not only at San Diego Comic Con (possibly from some very long waiting lines) in July, but also anywhere that I want to. And that’s really appealing, especially given how light and sleek the keyboard is. The double sided camera on the iPad is very impressive, too. I couldn’t believe how sharp and clear the photos I took on it were. It comes very close to surpassing my Sony Cybershot in terms of quality.

I could really go on and on about the new iPad, but I’ll sum it up – if you have the first generation iPad, this is going to seem like a huge upgrade for you, the way it did for me. A coworker of mine who owns the iPad 2 said it didn’t look like it was much different from his, and I’m unsure as to how much of that is truth versus potential new gadget envy. But regardless, Apple has really outdone themselves. I’m amazed with all of the new things this iPad can do, and I’m looking forward to exploring it more and more.

That’s all for this time!

Damsel Nikki


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