Countdown to SDCC 2012!

With the sending and receiving of some secret emails from CCI, it looks as if member registration is upon us for Comic Con 2012! Damsel Chan and I were already in talks earlier this evening and made some plans (I’m still waiting to hear back from her on the go ahead!), so we’re definitely giving it a try for this year as well! It’s funny, a year can make so much difference. We knew so little then, and we definitely know more now. I’m sure we’ll learn a lot more this year, if we’re able to swing our badges!

Good luck to everyone who’s registered! And please, if you don’t have a member ID, don’t try and get a badge! You’ll just clog up the works for those with IDs, and it’s already going to be crowded enough!

Until next time!

Damsel Nikki


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