Person of Interest is worth the interest (TV)

A realistic, modern day Batman – there I said it – John Reese is Batman (Jim Caviezle known for The Passion) and a damn good Batman he makes. This could be partly contributed to his sexy voice or the fact that Jonathan Nolan is the creator (known for The Dark Knight). To top the cake, J.J. Abrams is one of the produces and I can’t argue with the awesomeness of his other series and movies: Fringe, Star Trek, Super 8, Armageddon and more.

Here are the differences.  Batman had issues killing, which totally doesn’t make sense – I mean, how does an elbow covered in spikes not kill?  Reese has no issue taking down evil that catches his attention.  The sidekick isn’t a little boy in tights but Harold Finch (Michael Emerson known from LOST), a  driven high tech programmer with a mission and lots of money, so sorry Batman – you’re not a one man show this time.  There are connections to the NYPD, some made with force and others made with good will, the female main character Detective Carter (Taragi Henson) is quickly becoming akin to Commissioner Gordon.

Similarities include: Revenge, complicated pasts, guns, action, and my personal favorite: gift-wrapped bad guys.

Now that you know the score, here is a little background: Finch developed a program for the government with a highly advanced AI that could track and detect information  leading up to acts of aggression, specifically acts of terrorism before they occur, but this program not only detects terrorism but murderous intent.  These other crimes are found irreverent and Finch programs the AI to delete them at the end of every day.  Unable to live with this decision, he recruits an ex-super spy to assist him in preventing the crimes the AI predicts.  Here’s the catch: they only get a number – the social security number of an individual that could be either the victim or the perpetrator.

Give this ride a try – I find it fun and funny with plenty of action!


Picture thanks to CBS

Person of Interest new age Batman:Picture thanks to CBS


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