Alcatraz (TV): Chan’s Review

Another widely anticipated show that was mentioned at SDCC 2011 and FINALLY came to our TVs in 2012 was Alcatraz, starring Jorge Garcia (LOST), Sarah Jones (Sons of Anarchy), and Sam Neill (Jurassic Park, The Hunt for Red October).  The premise of the show centers around the last of the prisoners of Alcatraz and how they might not have been moved to other prisons when the stronghold prison closed its steel doors… but still alive, well, and not aged a bit.  Strange?  Just a touch.

The cast has some solid chemistry even throughout the premier episode; I expect even greater further into the series.  While the premise itself is a bit odd, I have a soft spot from my childhood for San Francisco – and do they feature some great scenes from it.  I have also visited the prison itself, so to see everything I saw with my own eyes on the TV makes me grin a bit while I watch the show.  But, I digress.  It is such a breath of fresh air to see a cast really create some chemistry, especially when you are first introduced to their characters.  It would be a very forced, awkward group if not for their innate talents and character personalities executed quite well.  Plus, it’s really fun to see Jorge Garcia play a comic book store owner with a PHD.

Going back to the story – would it surprise anyone if there was a time twist that accompanied the youthful prisoners from five decades ago?  No?  Well, that’s good because the executive producer of Alcatraz is none other than famed LOST executive producer J.J. Abrams.  He seems to have the magic touch with shows like Person of Interest and Fringe so let’s hope that Alcatraz can follow suit.  We’ll discover its fate eventually!

Rating So Far: 7 out of 10



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