Already Excited for May! – The Avengers Movie

Marvel movies are abundant these days and I couldn’t be happier about it: some come out bad, some good, some AWESOME, and some you pretend you never heard about (cough cough… Wolverine: Origins).  Personally I am biting my nails over the upcoming Avengers.  Robert Downey Jr. was badass as Iron Man, and Chris Evans was a perfect Captain America.  I can’t imagine a better pick for either and now they will be on the same team, testosterone-running rampage, who knows how the set will survive?  If you have not checked out the trailer yet I have mixed feeling suggesting you do or don’t.  I find trailers can ruin too much of the Marvel world too soon, but I definitely suggest you GO SEE THIS MOVIE come May 4th 2012!  I couldn’t ask for a better birthday adrenaline rush.


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