Will NBC’s new show really be a ‘Smash’?

I’m not going to mince words, I love New York City. I love the theatre and Broadway and all of that wonderful glitz and sparkle that come along with it. There’s nothing quite like sitting in a plush seat waiting for the house lights to go down and the curtain to go up. So when I heard about NBC’s Smash, I made an unapologetic squeal of happy delight and prepared to add another show to my list of ones to follow for this season. It’s a good thing my beloved BBC programs are on hiatus for the time being, else I might have started to worry about keeping up with them all.

The pilot of Smash turned up in my On Demand television listings (what’s up with that, NBC? Early marketing strategy?) and so of course I cued it up to watch.

Megan Hilty is easily my shining star for this series, but I’m likely biased because I saw her on stage in a production of Wicked! in 2006 opposite Eden Espinosa. To this day I still see Megan as Galinda (Glinda for those who don’t follow what I mean), but seeing her on television is going to be a treat. She has a sparkling smile, an amazing voice, and so much talent for Broadway that I can’t even begin to describe it. My familiarity with Katherine McPhee is far less, but I have nothing but appreciation for her voice and her character (Karen) in the show is very likeable. Karen is a waitress struggling to live the dream of finding a place on Broadway. What’s there not to like?

The music is what really drew me in, more than anything else. It’s one thing to make a show about a Broadway production, but another entirely to create a brand new Broadway musical over the course of the show itself. Already I can see Marilyn opening up in one of the lit theatres in Manhattan, and it wouldn’t surprise me if at the end of Smash‘s first season an announcement was made about that very thing. Three songs are already present in the show, one choreographed and produced to be stage-ready, and it can only grow from here.

I’ll be faithfully watching Smash the way I have been watching Revenge . The two couldn’t be more different in their subject matter, but they are definitely at the top of my viewing list.


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