American Horror Story (TV): Chan’s Review

With the season finale wrapping up and a brand new story with brand new characters being announced the day after for next season, American Horror Story certainly has quite the hold into many Americans’ Wednesday nights – myself included.

Oh, Rubber Man.

While I did not watch the first few shows as they aired, I did get to watch them back to back, providing a wonderfully seamless experience and ideal exposure to this year’s shock drama (if you haven’t seen it yet, this is a wonderful way to watch it!).  As much as I usually stay away from TV because a lot of what is on is simply not worthwhile, American Horror Story makes me hate and love staying up just a tad too late every Wednesday to watch something that finally pushes the limits, creates a truly unique drama, and has a perfect cast from beginning to end of the season.  This is not some gory scream fest or mindless bloodbath – this is what the horror genre truly is and used to be.  AHS captivates its audience, chills them, makes them think an pushes those sensitive issues, emotions, and moments that are rarely touched otherwise.  What is horror to a mother?  A miscarriage.  What is horror to the family patriarch?  Losing his family.  What is horror to a teen?  Unrequited love.  But what is horror to us all?  The unknown.

American Horror Story really pieces together the atypical family into something we can all relate to, even just a little.  From the start of the Harmons moving into the Los Angeles mansion where people died to the end when it finally comes together, you are drawn in and hold your breath during each tense, revealing scene.  Kink enthusiasts, there’s even a little something in it for you.

Overall, I am glad a show like AHS has stepped onto the scene to portray all the little nuances and horror-related ideas that seem to be lacking in the slew of a-typical cookie-cutter shows out there.  They took a mold and instead of letting it define them, they redefined it.  Kudos.

Chan’s Camera Rating: 10 out of 10


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