Revenge: Hot or Cold? Nikki’s Take on the Fall 2011 Show.

Ever since my beloved House M.D. took a rather downward turn and one of its talented actresses left the cast (Lisa Edelstein, it won’t be the same without you), I’ve been very skeptical about investing myself in any kind of new program. There have been some promising things in previews (I’m looking at you Terra Nova and Once Upon a Time) that I’ve been keeping my eye on, but I’m big on not giving anything my full seal of approval until I’ve seen it in action. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, and all of that. But when the previews for ABC’s Revenge started trickling across my cable television, I found myself incredibly intrigued.

If the title sounds a little bit corny, let the appearance deceive you all the way if you choose. The show itself is far from it. There’s depth, for one, and a cast of semi-familiar faces in new roles that compliment their styles. Emily van Camp was a face I’d seen on Law and Order: SVU a year or so back, and I knew her when I saw her but couldn’t place her name. Now, it seems that the blonde actress has come into a role where her talent can be showcased.

Revenge is said to be based, albeit loosely, upon the Count of Monte Cristo, and I’m seeing similarities already. Emily Thorne is wealthy, beautiful and beginning her summer in the Hamptons in the setting of a a lavish beach home, but it quickly becomes clear she’s not there for a vacation holiday. There is an agenda in place, one involving Emily’s wrongly accused father and her desire to seek vengeance against those who wronged him. What develops in the initial episode is a careful, intricate story with many players and far more money than most people could dream of.

It took about three minutes for me to be drawn in.

Only two episodes in, and I think the show displays a great deal of promise. Emily-the-actress gives Emily-the-character a great deal of mystery, and I’m already enjoying every twist and turn and round-about maneuver that comes before a commercial break. I try to think of a show this one reminds me of and am continually at a loss, maybe because there’s a lack of immediate romance. And allow me to tell you what a breath of fresh air that is. There might be a potentially developing romance between some of the principle characters (don’t look at me, I’m not telling) but it’s taking its time. Nothing that involves immediate gratification, but rather something slow moving that’s worth the wait.

So there we are. Two episodes in, and I’m hooked. Funny part is that I think my mother is, too. I was bringing her up to speed on everything that had happened in the pilot and while our heads are both spinning with trying to keep up on every character’s place in this twisted timeline, I think it’s safe to say that, from 9pm to 10pm CST, I’ll be settled in to give my full attention to ABC.

Up next from Nikki will be the Secret Circle. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love teenagers dealing with high school, teenage related things? Oh, and did I mention that they’re witches?


Damsel Nikki


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  1. #1 by Robert Marshall on September 29, 2011 - 8:55 am

    I really love this show. When I say the previews I wasn’t too sure. I went on Hulu and watched the pilot and was hooked from the start. It’s a breath of fresh air. I think it captures us because we all have someone who has done us wrong and we want revenge.

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