Hey guys, I am really sorry for the lack of updates.  Between fall semester starting up, some personal issues, and a bad case of what I am assuming is the flu I have been pretty neglectful of, well, everything – especially this blog.  My life consists of working and sleeping most of the time – I have been sick as well as the addition of a new puppy seems to make my body go into some sort of pseudo-mother mode where I wake up every hour on the hour during the night.  Strange, eh?

But just to let you know… The blog is still here!  I will try to get better about posting!  I am planning to do a series review of Alphas (one of the shows I stay pretty up-to-date on) as well as hopefully get out to the movies again.  Being sick and exhausted really puts a hamper on things, but fear not!  I already have an in-process interview with a wonderful lady I met at Makiba, the local Ren Faire Age of Chivalry is coming to town and, of course, BLIZZCON!  So this is why I have been low-key – I have to store my strength in order to appropriately do all these things to report back to the lovely audience.

Also, how do you guys feel about some book reviews?  While they’re not going to be the latest out, it may help to add some flavor to the blog!  Let me know!

Alright, stay lovely~


Damsel Chan

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