Animeland Makiba 2011: Chan’s Recap

Animeland Makiba is a local convention here in Las Vegas, Nevada that occurred over Labor Day weekend.  This year it was located inside Palace Station (I-15 and Sahara).  It is a small but fun and intimate convention which really allows you to make some friends, talk to guests casually, and overall have a nice, positive feel around other people with similar interests.  This year the theme was cosplay, so there were quite a few people in costumes as well as many cosplay panels.  I was present all three days but did not take many pictures because I ran the Cosplay Contest on Saturday, so I was quite busy.

Friday afternoon I dropped off the forms for the cosplay and talked with one of the wonderful volunteers, Irony, about how we would organize the contest, prizes, and all the other fun random things that come with it.

Saturday was my full-time day so I arrived around 10am where I was told I would be co-running the contest with the costume guest.  We did our panel for it at 10am and then continued to get entries throughout the day.  There were a lot of nice, talkative people and I had a great time just chatting with everyone.  The Cosplay Contest went wonderfully as well!  You always wish you could give out more awards but unfortunately that’s just not the case.  We got some great pictures of all the contestants with Animeland Makiba fliers; soon after this I had to head out.

Sunday I attended most of the day starting around noon where I was used for a panel as a model.  I also learned how to apply fake eyelashes for the first time which I am now going to take great advantage of!  Who knew such a little thing could be so impressive?  After that I did my obligatory wandering of the convention, got pictures of me as a devil yoga instructor (haha), chatted with the organizers, made some new friends, won two raffles, and spent some time with a couple of the guests.  Closing ceremonies went off, packing occurred and the con was pretty much done by about 6pm.  After saying goodbyes I left.

Overall this is a pretty low-stress con.  While cosplay day is always a big day, it was still pretty mellow and I made myself readily available for any cosplayers that had questions.  I really love talking to other cosplayers – it makes me giddy.  Making more local friends is always great, too!  I can’t wait until next year – and I hope to run some of the pre-con events before that happens as well!


Damsel Chan


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