South Park – Year of the Fan Experience: Chan’s Review

South Park seems to be one of those shows that people either love or hate. Admittedly, there are some extremely crass moments in the show, but over the years it has really matured into some upscale crass. Famed episodes like “Make Love, Not Warcraft” and “Trapped in the Closet” have really brought it out into the mainstream, giving it huge exposure to audiences aside from its normal target. Due to this, almost everyone has at least heard of South Park and probably tried an episode or two.

I am a pretty solid South Park fan; admittedly, one of my favorite episodes is the one that depicts what would happen if the internet went down.  Ah, accuracy thy name is South Park.  Ha.  Anyway, Comedy Central set up this wonderful replica of the main strip in South Park – complete with Tom’s Rhinoplasty, the school cafeteria, and huge balloon heads of the four South Park boys floating above the area.  It was extremely close to the San Diego Marquis & Marina, making it just as close for the convention center folk too.  The event was free and you could make a South Park avatar of yourself, get a Kenny head paper lantern, take your picture on the couch the boys always sit on, trike race, and enjoy serenades from famed musician Chef as you explored the area.  They also had a museum you could peruse for all sorts of South Park art and such (no photography allowed).  There was even face painting!  And, the best part – if you checked into ComicCon 2011 and showed them your badge at the cafeteria, you got a free t-shirt!

The lines were fairly short for all of the events, making it a fun environment to hang out in while waiting to do whatever.  A shuttle bus that was a school bus decorated with the kids from South Park in the windows seemed to bring people in from further places, perhaps further hotels, but was a great touch to the overall atmosphere.  Fake snow littered the ground, the ladies working the event were super nice/helpful, and the general mood was relaxed.  Lots of giveaways, special content, and being extremely close to the convention center are all bonuses to this place.  If you like South Park, you would love this.  I hope they bring it back – or something similar – next year.

Chan’s Camera Rating: 9 cameras out of 10 South Park sans some of the raunchy and more of the freebies.  Great place to enjoy the San Diego weather while taking pictures, making avatars, and watching trike races.  Even those that were not South Park fans could find something to enjoy.  Only downside – the event tended to close down early (around 6 or 7pm).



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