Life outside of SDCC? Welcome to Sassy Damsels!

While we did make our blog debut at SDCC 2011 last month, it certainly does not mean we are a SDCC-only blog by any means!

Nay, we are two damsels who love to write, have opinions, and are gonna be sassy with them!  We will cover a variety of topics but don’t be surprised if we stay centralizes in the geek community.  Eventually we will have guest writers for even MORE content but for right now you have to put up with just us.  Hah!  I (Chan) am not done with the SDCC posts, but while I fight with my writer’s block you will get doses of entertainment and geeky blogs with news, reviews, and, um… I don’t know what else rhymes with news to keep that trend going.  Sad face.  Anyway, lots of info and stuff on what we’re interest in!  Hopefully you’re interested, too!  Because that’s why we started a blog.

Oh yeah, and pictures!  Those will usually be saved for conventions due to the amount of boring in every day life, but we may surprise you sometimes.  WHAM!  Random picture of stuff NOT from a convention.  Oh yeah, curve ball.  We’re sneaky like that.  Booya!

But, I digress.  As SDCC news comes, we will most definitely be blogging it up!  We were also one of the first blogs to break the Cowboys & Aliens contest for tickets, so look forward to more up-to-the-nanosecond news like that whenever we are capable of doing so!

Thanks for visiting, as always!  And remember – if you see us at a con, say hello!  Get some Sassy Damsels swag!  And even snap some photos so you too can become eFamous. ❤ ❤ ❤

Cheers and hugs,



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