30 Minutes or Less – Movie Review

I was lucky enough to get into a public screening of this movie last Thursday, and would have paid full price to see it regardless.  30 Minutes or Less is a movie centered around 4 primary characters.  Nick (Jesse Eisenberg; The Social Network, Zombieland), the late 20s slacker who delivers pizzas and lives with best friend Chet (Aziz Ansari; Get Him to the Greek; I Love You, Man), who is a substitute teacher with a hot sister.  They are your average guys in an average apartment with a normal life until Nick gets kidnapped by Dwayne (Danny McBride; Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder), an unemployed loser living in the shadow of his father’s military and lottery success, and Dwayne’s best friend Travis (Nick Swardson; Reno 911, Grandma’s Boy, Malibu’s Most Wanted), who happens to be rather proficient at learning things from the internet but not much else.  Dwayne really hates his dad and cannot wait until he kicks the bucket, in which he will become a millionaire from his lottery winnings.  With that in mind, they formulate a plot on how to get the money to pay for his father’s assassination.  Throw in witty comedy, balls-to-the-wall action, and throw in a dash of small-city, somewhat-relateable characters in an action movie setting and you get 30 Minutes or Less.

This is definitely an R-rated movie for a reason – there is a lot of profanity and sexual innuendo going around.  Not everyone’s tastes, understandably, but I feel that its execution is well-played throughout the movie.  Those wary of the F-bomb should avoid this movie; those who embrace it will embrace this film’s comedy, crazy chase scenes, and general antics of these comedic actors.  I haven’t watched a “dirty” comedy in quite some time that had me laughing as hard as this movie did.  If you listen to the dialogue very carefully, they also throw in little quips for other references (i.e., Nick says he never gets on Facebook) that are quite sly sometimes.  Overall, I really enjoyed this film.  It’s nothing thought provoking, but lets you relax for a wonderful 90-minute adult comedy ride.  Be forewarned: Many quotes from this movie are highly reusable in conversations with friends and you will find yourself quoting this movie without realizing it.

Fun note: If you follow 30 Minute or Less on Foursquare and check into a bank or a pizza place, you get a special badge.

Chan’s Camera Rating: 9 cameras out of 10 Adult comedy without the boobies, F-bombs well placed, and a pizza guy freakin’ robbing a bank with a bomb vest strapped on.  This is a film you can really have a light-hearted, raunchy-joke good time with.


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