SDCC 2011 Friday/Saturday/Sunday Quick Recap

Friday we woke up a little earlier to get down to the Nintendo Gaming Lounge and picked up some Legend of Zelda shirts.  We then walked across the street to check out the South Park: Year of the Fan experience and had a wonderful time over there!  Took some great pictures, made an avatar of myself and checked into Foursquare to get a free t-shirt.  After that, we continued to explore all the wonderful areas of the Gaslamp Quarter and ended up stopping by Lou & Mickey’s – otherwise known as the CNet Base Station during Comic-Con.  Got a Shark Week bag before entering, chatted/networked with the lady letting us in and enjoyed some free beverages & internet.  It was a wonderful way to recharge, plus their cheeseburger sliders were great!  After that it was time for some real food so we went to Café Diem attached to the Hard Rock Hotel and enjoyed a good, filling meal there.  Saw some Angry Birds promo people and grabbed fake tattoos then took a green screen picture for the new show Grimm that had a promo set up at Tin Fish.  Headed back to the convention center to explore the Exhibit Hall a bit and picked up a couple of souvenirs for friends as well as get our bearings a little better for the massive area.  We decided to head back to the hotel at that point and relaxed, checking out our newly acquired swag and ended up sleeping for a bit, missing any non-popular panel we had any interest in.  Oh well!  We got up and got ready to go to the Marked Men III party that evening.  Walked down to the Maritime Museum, a decent 1.4 mile walk, and had some drinks on the boat which was used in Pirates of the Caribbean!  While it was a tinge small, it was still really fun and I loved the smell of fresh sea air.  Got some pictures with mermaids, picked up a baby dragon necklace, and enjoyed all the lovely costumes.  Afterwards we managed to find our way to a Jack in the Box where we ordered through a nifty kiosk, then trekked back to the hotel where we promptly went to bed.

Saturday morning we woke up and got down to the Exhibit Hall a little after 9:30, and it was packed!  We saw Adam West signing at the Fox booth which was pretty groovy.  Cruised around more, got a free cape, lanyard, and many more goodies.  While cruising around the floor we found a wonderful artist by the name of Dan Mendoza who has a great art style and creates the newest comic I fell in love with – Zombie Tramp.  His credit card machine was not working so we wandered outside the hall to the ATM and pulled out some cash and went back.  On the way, we found the Spike & Mike’s Sick and Twisted Animation Festival booth.  I found a Dr. Tran figure that I loved so we made a very long trek to the other side of the Exhibit Hall where they were actually being sold, purchased one, then went back to see if the Dr. Tran creators had arrived yet.  No such luck but we were able to pick up Zombie Tramp at that point.  Found another great artist and picked up a Link (Legend of Zelda) print then decided, for safe keeping, to head back to the hotel to drop our new stuff off.  Made a pit stop at Starbucks (because it was right there) then got to our room and realized we hadn’t really eaten all day.  After much debate, we went to DW’s downstairs and enjoyed a nice meal overlooking the pool.  Went back to the room and cleaned a little, then headed over to Imperial Beach on Coronado to relax for a couple hours.  It was wonderful!  Came back to the hotel where we redressed to explore the Gaslamp.  Found out Jorge Garcia was staying on our floor and chatted with him for a few minutes (he really liked my Vibrams) while waiting for the elevator and on it; as soon as he got off he was bombarded by people.  Poor fellow.  We walked all around the Gaslamp Quarter, found some random celebrity parties that were already starting to wind down at 9pm – didn’t realize things closed so early on Saturday night!  That was kind of disappointing.  Ended up finding a lovely little Mexican restaurant named El Vitral and caught their late-night 10pm happy hour.  Had some guacamole, chicken flautas, and churros as well as special margaritas.  Wonderful.  Meandered back through Gaslamp to our hotel and packed a little more before going to bed.

Sunday morning felt as though it came too fast!  We got up early and went to the Exhibit Hall to see what was shakin’.  We got in a little after 9am and it was still rather crowded.  Happened to pass by the Fox booth when Sons of Anarchy were doing a signing – snapped a picture of Katey Segal.  Wandered around almost the entire Exhibit Hall, getting freebies, picking up Avatar toys, and last-minute souvenirs.  After dropping off the newly acquired items, we finished packing and called a bell hop to hold our bags since we had to be out of the room by 1pm.   We swung by the Nintendo Gaming Lounge to pick up a couple of Pokémon shirts and a Pokémon bag/backpack that came in handy.  As we were walking to the Gaslamp there was a lady giving out tokens for free pizza at the Cartoon Network café.  Wandered the Gaslamp one last time and made a stop at Café Diem to get milkshakes.  Headed towards the Cartoon Network café where another Adventure Time parade was going on and got loaded up on SDCC 2011 Jake (Adventure Time) keychains.  The line was too long for pizza so we headed back and began the process of loading up the car.  As we loaded up the car, an actor from Doctor Who came up to our friend Chris and said, “I like your bowtie.”  I took a picture since Nikki couldn’t get to her camera.  We loaded the rest up (amazingly), and journeyed back to Las Vegas with stops in Corona (Chronic Tacos Cantina) and Barstow (gas/restroom) along the way.

All in all, it was a good trip.  It felt like one gigantic day, and definitely whizzed right by.  There was lots of walking, too much to do, and disappointment at how they did the Cowboys & Aliens premiere tickets.  Still managed to have a good time, run into some pretty neat people, and got a lot of free stuff.  Though it’s not really free considering the badge price… but ah well.

Stay tuned for reviews!

(I didn’t mean to post the last recap from the main account – sorry!)


Damsel Chan


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