SDCC 2011 Wednesday/Thursday Quick Recap

Wow!  So we arrived in San Diego Wednesday afternoon and went straight to satellite to pick up badges – Town & Country Convention Center.  We got in line around 5:50pm, left with our badges about 2 hours later, then walked down the street and went shopping for a bit in Fashion Valley, rounding out our visit there by eating PF Chang’s for dinner.  After that we managed to find our hotel and check-in (with a bit of a hassle), get settled in and finally got some rest.

We woke up Thursday morning and picked up my Back to the Future car and Voltron from Matty Collectables – the pick-up was in our hotel.  We picked up lunch from the nice food area the hotel set up and ate upstairs.  Then we went to the madness of the Exhibit Hall.  Holy cow!  It was so busy but we managed to get around decently well, saw some awesomeness (like the WB booth), picked up some merchandise at Square Enix, and generally enjoyed that which is Comic-Con.  After we were done with that madness, I went back to the room to drop off all of the goodies and relaxed for a bit, ordering some late lunch/early dinner through room service.  Relaxing time was definitely nice, and I am very happy I wore my Vibrams or else my feet probably would have died!  I went down to the Nintendo Gaming Lounge a little after 4 to pick up our wonderful buttons from (gorgeous work!) then picked up some fun Pokémon swag (shirt, bag, art book, card) from the event that started at 4.  Went back to the room to drop off swag, chilled more in the room then went to go check out the off-site events – what we were planning on in particular was Ka: The Battle of San Diego at 9:00PM.    We got to see SyFy’s Café Diem set up, the cast of True Blood + Hulk Hogan in The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and an Adventure Time parade.  Watched Ka: The Battle of San Diego at Petco Park (which I was hoping would be longer), got some ice cream and then wandered around the Gaslamp District until we decided it was time to retire to the hotel.

Overall, the madness is high and the people count is massive but we are still finding our way around as best as we can.  I missed out on any panels I was interested in on Thursday but I have learned that planning for a Thursday panel is not necessarily the best idea if you want to be the first to get limited edition swag at the convention.  Room service is vastly overpriced (but who didn’t know that?), you can never have too much water, and some of the most fun you can have can be off the convention premises.

So far, so good!  Let’s see how the rest of this goes.


Damsel Chan


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