All this packing!

Just a quick note from me to say, I’m all packed up for SDCC! I think my fellow damsel might roll her eyes in a loving fashion when she sees my suitcases (one big and one little – love you, Chan!) but hey, I had to make sure I had everything for my costumes and regular attire, right? I don’t remember anyone saying that being a girl and going to conventions was an easy thing.

But regardless, I’m all packed and ready to go! From gorgeous boots to pretty clothes for a night out to a backup wig just in case my hair decides to blatantly disobey my wishes, I have everything that I need for Comic Con. I did go on a bit of a shopping splurge the other day and pick up a Sony Bloggie for filming and photo purposes. It’ll make a nice companion to the Flip that I already have in tow. Chan and I plan to bring you all a great deal of coverage from the convention, so I’m hoping that I’ll pass one off to her and we’ll make some amazing magic happen.

So now, it’s off to sleep with this damsel. Tomorrow, I run a few last minute errands then make my way to the airport for my nighttime flight to Las Vegas. Chan and her fiance will meet me and a friend at the airport, then it’s off to the Strip for some fantastic fun before we make the drive to San Diego on Wednesday.

Sleep tight, everyone! Here we go!

Damsel Nikki

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