The “Noob” Feeling.

As much as you can prepare for an event, there comes a time when you just realize that you simply can’t prepare for everything.  You can have your map at the ready, your itinerary cherry picked, your alarm clock set for the wee hours and your “survival bag” in tow.

But you’re just not ready.

That feeling has slowly started to set in for ComicCon.  I want to be ready and have things go smoothly and fun and have it all planned but I know it won’t happen that way.  There are key events that will be planned for but that’s about it.

Perhaps this is just me kind of freaking out.  Normally I freak out over costumes, but I am actually so prepared and gung-ho about this convention that I have been working on them well in advance.  I am sure I will have a few loose ends to tie up right before or upon arrival of the convention but that’s always normal.  Most of my costumes require little to no sewing (which is  a nice change of pace) and what sewing I do have to do is rather simple.  We are planning a trip to the store this weekend so we do not have to do a lot of shopping in San Diego, and I am booking my evenings full of gym goodness.

So why do I feel so totally not ready?

From what I understand, this is just what comes with SDCC.  Whether it’s your first time or your tenth, it will still be a madhouse and you will still not do everything you will want to do and you will be anxiously awaiting next year to do it all over again.

I have *maybe* 3 panels I would like to attend but none will be a complete disappointment to miss.  I pre-ordered two toys from Matty Collectibles that I must pick up.  And I totally want to lurk around the Square Enix booth.  Other than that, I plan on taking lots of pics, going with the flow, and enjoying my evenings.  I am thinking of throwing together a last-minute costume but it’s not a priority.  Considering everything, I am pretty chilled about this and am really looking forward to spending time with friends, making new ones, and just having a blast enjoying the atmosphere.  I suppose that’s what it’s about, eh?

I am sure I will have more on my mind in the next few days… -:)


Damsel Chan


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