Doctor Who’s Clues QR Scavenger Hunt @ SDCC 2011!

Doctor Who is coming into its first SDCC large and in charge with a scavenger hunt offering Who-riffic (yeah, I said it) prizes.  Check it out below straight from

MESSAGE FROM BBC AMERICA: If you’re attending Comic-Con in San Diego this year, things just got more exciting! BBC America has launched their “Doctor Who’s Clues QR Scavenger Hunt,” offering attendees a chance to win a prize pack of must-have Doctor Who goodies by finding and scanning exclusive custom Doctor Who QR codes all over the San Diego Convention Center.

How does this all work? Be on the lookout once you step out of your TARDIS in San Diego. Find the QR codes, which will be scattered at key Doctor Who locations on the Exhibition Floor. (Lucky ticketholders for “BBC America Presents: Nerdist Podcast Live” on Saturday, July 23 will also find a special code posted at 4th and B that night, too.) After locating a code, scan it with the handy QR barcode reader on your smartphone, and voilà, you’re entered for a chance to win one of those jam-packed Doctor Who prize packs. And don’t stop after you’ve found your first code. The more you find & scan, the more you’re entered to win – so keep hunting to find all the check-in points.

On your above right [see direct link below], you will find the kick-off code. Scan it, and you’re well on your way to victory and entered for a chance to win. (Or text COMIC to 23000 if you don’t have a scanner.)

Make sure to check out the blog for the map of the scavenger hunt locations and first QR scan code here.  Have fun and good luck all!


Damsel Chan


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  1. #1 by Roseclear on July 12, 2011 - 8:44 pm

    I’m just a little bit excited. You know, as in the ridiculous kind of excited.

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