How to Make Costume/Cosplay Photos Count (2 of 2)

As promised, here is my second edition of How to Make Costume/Cosplay Photos Count!

Behind the camera…

* Digital Cameras: Make sure those batteries are changed and ready to go!  Also make sure that your storage card has plenty of room for as many photos as you need.  A good investment may be buying several storage cards so you can keep photos separate from the get-go.  If you have a laptop you can also transfer photos daily to keep room plentiful.
* Scenery.  Do you want to take funny photos of Neytiri eating ice cream in an urban setting or do you want to take serious photos of her amongst the trees?  Talk with your model about it and take time to know your surroundings.  San Diego is an urban place but there is also a beach, museums, and places off the beaten path that just take a little extra walking to discover.  If you don’t have enough time, then just be creative outside with a patch of grass!
* Meetups!  I guess I should have posted this in the other blog too but that’s okay.  Is there a show you love?  Want to find others in costume who will let you snap photos first and geek out later?  Try to find some gatherings for what you enjoy.  Being such a big convention, you can try checking out the forums or searching through Twitter.  Make your experience that more memorable being around those who can understand your fandom.
* Lighting, lighting, lighting!  What kind of photos do you want?  Bright, cheery photos?  Try for an early morning photoshoot (6-7am is early morning for me, hah!).  While the downside is getting up early to get ready and head out, the upside is the wonderful lighting, beating the crowds, and having an entire day to do what you want.  Think about early evening photos as well — these will add a romantic touch due to the soft lighting, so if you are taking photos of a couple or have a character that has a “softer side,” this is a good time for those.
* Angles.  These can be overrated just as much as they can be underrated, so try playing around with some.  Worst case scenario you learn what angles are good and bad!  Not all cosplayers are model thin, too — try to keep that in mind.  Geeks are real people!  Try to take a headshot for the costume then go wild.  Crouch.  Tippy-toe.  Lay down and turn your camera sideways.  Just as your models don’t care about being in costume don’t apologize for being creative!

And finally here is a list of things that could be fun if you let your imagination run wild:

  • Bridges
  • Benches
  • Fountains
  • Elevators
  • Mirrors
  • Stairs
  • Parks
  • Starbucks
  • Beaches
  • The ocean or the pool
  • Museums
  • “Live action” shots
  • Funny faces
  • Action figures of your character
  • Skyscrapers
  • Tourists (oh yes, much fun indeed)

Do you have your own suggestions?  Post comments and let us know!  The only limit is what your brain comes up with!


Damsel Chan


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