How to Make Costume/Cosplay Photos Count (1 of 2)

As our blog quite largely states, we are Sassy Damsels Carrying Cameras.  And what kind of Sassy Damsels would be be if we did not actually say how to make the best use of said cameras?  In this blog today I’ll be pointing out things you may and may not know to be in front of and behind the camera with as much success as possible!

Since SDCC is 3 weeks away from today (!), you will have plenty of time to try out some of these tips!

In front of the camera

* Want a brighter smile?  Try out a whitening mouthwash like Rembrandt Deeply White.  It has some of the best overall reviews on the market, is inexpensive, and, if you start soon, will give you a nice, bright smile for SDCC!
* Case of the pimples?  Try to ease off the grease and soda, switch to water and veggies, and clean your face daily.  My own regiment involves PCA Skin Facial Wash for Oily/Problem skin (I got hooked on this after my chemical peel) with a pore cleansing pad in the mornings, Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Astringent if I am in a morning rush or right after the gym, and Neutrogena Fresh-Foaming Cleanser when I have enough time in the evenings before bed.  In the shower I use the PCA Skin daily and use St. Ives Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub about every other day.  This is what I find works for me — you may just need a daily astringent if you don’t use much now!  Try to shoot for alcohol-free because ones with alcohol can dry out your skin.
* Sleep the night before!  If you’re running non-stop chances are your photos will reflect that.  Dark circles under the eyes and slouching can really detract from an otherwise winning photo.
* Check your teeth.  Did you just eat?  Use a toothpick and/or floss to remove any particles.  Smiling with spinach stuck in your teeth is never good.
* While you’re looking at your teeth in the bathroom, check your outfit.  Is it crumpled up?  How’s that hair?  You’d be surprised what a little outdoors and sitting can do to a costume.
* Try to schedule photo shoots right after putting on the costume — when you look your best!  This avoids a lot of mishaps, rushing, and allows you more time to show your costume off around the convention!

Alright guys, that’s what I got for you today!  Do you have your own tips or tricks?  Leave a comment below!

Part 2: Behind the Camera will come soon!  I will try to post more frequently as the con approaches.  Thanks for reading!


Damsel Chan


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