Being a Girl at a Convention

Among many other blogs I have been in the process of writing, I think this one will be worthy to publish and give some insight on the ‘lesser known’ area of conventions – the girl population!

It’s no secret – comic, sci-fi, video game, anime, and whatever other ‘nerd’ interests are out there, are generally considered ‘boy territory.’  And whenever a girl takes interest, it’s suddenly a foreign concept.  Sadly, what is often assumed is that girls don’t know much even if they like it.  And even if they know more than assumed, they can’t be very good at it.  And if they’re good at it they don’t exist.  So what some ladies have to do is take on the ‘tomboy’ stereotype to fit in – to be ‘one of the guys.’

Well I don’t wanna be a tomboy.  I wanna wear a skirt and a cute Marvel x Tokidoki shirt and nerd out with everyone else without feeling judgmental eyes on me.  I wanna be able to buy an exclusive My Little Pony and not get accused of being ‘that ditzy girl that just likes pink.’  And finally, I know I am wearing a scantily clad costume but does it require you come up to me while my fiancé is escorting me around and be a creeper?  No, no it does not.  (But I do appreciate the positive commentary from others!)

Sure, the convention scene has come a long way from when I first started going almost 10 years ago (did I just age myself?), but I still think there is still a long way to go.  And just so you think I am ranting about guys, it doesn’t help that ladies will stereotype the guys at these places too.  “Awkward, weird, smelly, arrogant,” have all been words used towards the other gender.  I have been guilty of this before, but I have also been willing to try and go out of my way to talk to people that will come up to me.  Being cheerful and polite works wonders for both genders!  Don’t be weird if someone wants to sit next to you, don’t be cocky about your barely-there costume, and don’t act like you know everything if you don’t (this can be applied to guys, too).

Ultimately, everyone is at the same place for the same reason: their passion for something they enjoy.  Shouldn’t that be enough to put anyone in a good mood?  Guys, if you like a girl’s costume just say so.  Don’t be a creeper and say you’re going to “need a moment” after seeing it (yes this has happened to me – ask Nikki).  Girls, try to be understanding and accepting.  You’re not going to a Vegas club to hook up so get out of that mindset.  You are here to have fun and nerd out with everyone else!  Because at the end of the day that’s what we still are to that silly outside world – nerds and geeks.  Be proud of what you love and be a positive influence in the community!

SDCC, here we come!  We are pink and proud!


Damsel Chan


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