SDCC 2011 4-Day Badge Resales…

"Green screen of death"

After D&D night last night, and with the news of badge resales coming up, two of my fiancé and I’s closest friends from Las Vegas wanted to attend.  So after many, many texts, number crunching, and general WTFness I decided to help out.  Unfortunately, Comic-Con decided to release the badges at 10am PST on a Friday.  I work a normal M-F job but have constant T1 internet access so it’s not a big deal.  But!  I do think for those who were unfortunate enough to deal with the TicketLeap issue back on February 5th (see right) and not get tickets, this really predicted a dim future – especially with resale itself being announced only a day or two before and the actual time being announced via Twitter one hour before.

I understand not everyone can go to ComicCon.  This is reality.  But for those who are faithful followers to get ousted tickets due to technical difficulties and people who learned quickly that refresh was your BFF is not really a great way to get excited for it.  Then you find out the resale of tickets is smack in the late morning of your workday before the weekend?  Not cool.

Again, does not affect me much since I have access.  My friend who was trying to get tickets is a teacher so she is free summers, allowing her access as well – but not everyone is that fortunate.

Here is what it looked like a few minutes into queue:

From the get-go I knew I wouldn’t be lucky – there were only 1500 4-day passes available from what I understand.  This is what happens when you have really busy Fridays at work and try to multi-task.  Oh well.  My friend was luckier and managed to score a position about ~400 or so ahead of me.  Note: I didn’t click minutes later, I refreshed right at 10:00am PST and still got this place in line.

There’s not much to tell aside from checking periodically and waiting until this message popped up:

And that was that.  Notice the time.  One hour.  I didn’t move much in line.  I don’t even really know how long the registration process takes, how accurate this ultimately is, or really anything else.  All I know is you sit here and wait.

So I guess I will try for the single-day passes and hope that is successful for me.  Will keep all programs closed aside from my browser, and only have minimal tabs open at that.  Will make sure internet strength is optimal, no other devices using internet will be connected (other computer, laptop, tablet, phones, TV) and watch the page like a hawk.

Assuming it’s on a weekend.  If it’s on a weekday again I will just bite the bullet and try to keep a 15-minute gap open to watch the site.  I have to keep other programs open, so that’s life.

Well I dunno if this mini-rant helps any or not, but it’s SDCC-related at least.


Damsel Chan


(TicketLeap picture from here.)


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